Saturday, January 5, 2013

Of Friends...

After all is said and done
And this small life draws to an end
Our dearest worth upon this earth
Must surely be that of a friend

Life’s road yawns into the unknown
With many a trying twist and bend
Yet darkest miles are warm with smiles
If we can share them with a friend

‘To have a friend we must be one’
This truth is surely ages-old
And oh, the measure of its treasure
Cannot in humble words be told

For friends, in spite of us, are true
Seeing beyond the veil of skin
They weep and laugh and pray with you
To fill the empty cup within

…so, after all is said and done
Regardless of what life may send
The dearest, rarest, purest wealth
Is ever found within a friend

© Janet Martin

I re-posted this from my other blog:)

You guys are the best<3
Dedicated to my dear friends at Writer's Unite
You enrich my life more than mere word can tell.


  1. How sweet is that! I am so glad to be blessed by such an encouraging group. I think we 'fit' perfectly with all our fears, concerns, joys and reasons to rejoice. We are small but mighty in our shared passion, huh? :) Can't wait for February now. :) Janet you have such a way with words. This is a lovely tribute to friendship. Thanks for making my day. x

  2. Thank-you for being such a dear friend. See you in Feb.