Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weird (homework assignment)


Number thirteen was my pick
Glynis's answer came quick
A weird day in your work place
One topic I'd like to erase

Laughter filled the room
Oh could I zoom
To another day, another meeting
My cheeks in danger of over heating

Every day is weird
This topic I feared
Would expose what its really like
I'd much rather take a long hike

Strange things happen overnight
Things that just aren't right
Prices disappear from the deli scale
The departments looks like its been hit by a gale

Wind whistles through the door
Leaving snow on the floor
The floor mops have developed legs
Hidden out back behind the kegs

Students are a no show
They will lack in dough
When pay cheques are written out
That's for sure, without a doubt

The lunch room lights
Are just not right
Most days they are clear and bright
Others as dark as a starless night

Shelves, racks and bins
Have developed fins
They swim to other parts of the store
Maybe their permanent spot had become a bore

Bananas with French bread
Put their by Fred
Who changed his mind and went
Home to pay his overdue rent

There is so much more
But it is really a bore
Things that I think are weird
Would make your eyes teared

Come see me at work
But do not lurk
Just wink, nod, smile or wavc
I'll try my very best to behave.

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  1. Hey Caroline, thank-you for reminding the rest of us:) Glynis, we're posting these so you can read our homework assignments.